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Using Programmable Controllers part 3

Last week we covered the basic definitions of input/output assembly for Programmable controllers. Inputs carry a signal to the controller, while outputs take the transformed signal out into the real world.

As we close these series, we will discuss the power supply of a controller, as well as the programming device/software.

Power Supply

The power supply (unsurprisingly) provides power for the PLC system. It does this through an internal direct current to operate the logic circuitry and input/output assemblies within the processor.  24V DC or 120 VAC are power levels often used within a PLC system.


The logic inside a PLC controller can be manipulate through the use of a specialty programmer or through computer software. Laptops and PCs are often used to control a PLC component through a specific software. On the other hand, older systems used a custom programming device.

By knowing what components the PLC makes use of, you can make a better decision as to what you need. Excess Equip carries a large selection of PLC Components that can be found here. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have. We’re happy to help!