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Types of Packaging Systems

As has been mentioned before, packaging systems are a great way to save on costs, time and hassle within a warehouse. A good packaging system can increase production time which will help your operations run smoothly and effectively while cutting back costs on money you would have otherwise spent training employees or fixing any possible errors. There are a couple packaging systems to choose from which will be discussed here: motion conveyor scales and case sealers.



Motion Conveyor Scales

Motion conveyor scales operate while the conveyor is in motion and are intended for the weighing of individual boxes, cartons, or even unpackaged products. They are intended for use when items need to be weighed while continuing in motion, hence the name. Ideally, they can be used for checkweighing, straight weighing and weight accumulation operations.

Motion Conveyor Scale

Case Sealers and Erectors

Case sealing machines can tape and seal boxes as they move along through conveyor near the end of an assembly line for direct access and easy packaging. There are also packaging systems which take a flat box and “erect” them into a shape ready for packaging automatically.

Case Sealer Taper

These benefits can significantly increase work productivity. If you’re looking for a packaging system for your warehouse operation, considering giving our catalog a visit. We carry some of the most reliable equipment in any warehouse operation, with the added benefit of reduced costs on our products. If you are not able to find what you’re looking for online, do not hesitate to contact us via online form or by phone, as we carry many products which are not listed online as well.