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Panel Fabrication and Design

Panel fabrication and design involves the planning and implementing of a control panel. Control panels usually involve a flat, vertical box where monitoring displays and devices are used to monitor and control machines within a warehouse environment. There are several stages in the creation of a control panel. Here are a few:


Panel Design

Panel design most often starts with drawings. These drawings are used to specify the unique needs of the person needing the control panel. A high amount of detail is needed in order to ensure that every need is met within this design process. From there, details are listed on how the panel will be created and the selection of the right components goes underway.

Control Panel


Integration and Assembly

Integration and assembly of the control panel is essentially the building of the panel itself. Whoever is building the control panel compares what he/she is doing to the design document that was made, much like a blue print, making sure that the integration follows the design to a ‘T’. Of course, safety and quality requirements are taken into account.



Finally, after the control panel has been assembled, testing is ensued to ensure that the control panel will function exactly as planned in the design.

What We Offer

We offer control panel design and build utilizing UL, CE, and NEC codes and standards for all industrial environments and we are a UL 508A certified shop. Our team of experienced design engineers and technicians provide our customers with safe, robust, and aesthetically appealing systems. We ensure our products are properly labeled and documented to assist in understanding of the systems architecture and function.

To find out more about how we can help design and build a panel for your work environment, contact us, and we would be happy to assist. Also, don’t forget to see our wide selection of used conveyor, where we can provide a variety of services for you!